How well do you scrub up?

Why exfoliators are a must have for great skin:


It seems that scrubbing our skin could keep us looking younger for longer.

Skin experts have found that scrubbing your skin can slow down the rate at which skin ages.

 As we age, sadly many things seem to slow down in our body, our metabolism, our ability to learn new skills and even the the rate at which our skin cells renew themselves. This means that dead skin cells start to accumulate on the surface of our skin making it look dull and lacklustre. What’s more, this wall of complexion dulling skin also blocks the penetration of the important active ingredients in our serums and moisturisers.

 That’s where exfoliators come to the rescue. These skin saviours help to slough off the dead skin cells and allows fresh and healthy new cells to reach the surface of the skin. Hey presto we have a more youthful and radiant looking complexion.


Now I’m not saying that everyone should start vigorously scrubbing their faces. The golden rule with exfoliation is to start gently and infrequently to see how your skin reacts.


Heres my guide to scrubbing up just perfectly!


Scrub Solution 1: Grainy Scrubs

Perfect for: Anyone with normal to combination skin.


Even if you’re lucky enough to have relatively problem-free skin, you still need to exfoliate. You can use either a scrub or an enzyme-based exfoliator.

These products contain grainy particles that physically remove dead skin cells as you move the product around your face. These exfoliators range from large grains (salt or sugar scrubs) to texture you can barely detect (very fine grains of ground rice). Other products contain exfoliating beads, which are gentler on the skin. For environmental reasons I recommend avoiding anything containing microbeads or polyethylene in the ingredients.

Ideally look for one with jojoba beads—they are gentler on the skin than harsh scrubs and better for the environment than scrubs with plastic micro-beads. I love Nuriss Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation Cream


How to use it: Work from your decollete upwards in gentle, circular motions.Use 1-2 times per week


Scrub Solution  2: Powdered Exfoliators

Perfect for: Anyone scared of exfoliation; those with very sensitive skin; those prone to spots; and frequent flyers (as they aren’t liquids or gels).


Quick, refreshing and instant, exfoliating powders are back in fashion, This ritual is, of course, familiar to Asian women, who have a centuries-old technique of sloughing the skin with exfoliating rice bran grains. I love Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder, which is the modern equivalent and contains  healing licorice root, algae, and green tea for good measure. The ultimate boost for dull, tired skin.The fine grains of powder and ingredients brighten skin and gently slough off dead cells. For those with spot prone skin try Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant,as it contains salicylic acid which is great for unblocking pores.


How to use it: Pour a little powder into your hand, add water and mix to a foam and apply using circular motions. Use 1-2 times per week.


Scrub Solution 3: Chemical Exfoliators

Perfect for:Sun-damaged skin; those with enlarged pores or fine lines.


Chemical exfoliators contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) — substances found in fruit. These work by loosening and dissolving the dead skin cells rather than scrubbing them away. They target deeper layers of skin by sinking into the skin, unlike scrubs, which focus only on surface cells.

These are the exfoliators that most dermatologists recommend as they’ve been proven to be effective on sun-damaged skin and fine lines. These don’t require vigorous scrubbing which makes them good for those with sensitive skin, acne or rosacea.


I recommend products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for sun damaged skin but for those with spot prone or oily skin you should try salicylic acid-based products, as they break down sebum in blocked pores and soothe inflammation. Try Nuriss Alpha Beta Activating Cleanser as part of your daily regimen. To compliment this use Nuriss Fruit acid renewal gel once or twice a week, for that perfect radiance.


Salicylic acid  which as a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) works really well for normal to oily/combination skin. It removes the outer layer of built-up dead skin cells, allowing healthier cells to come to the surface and smoothing the surface, thus eliminating some wrinkling. There also is a good deal of research showing that using a well-formulated AHA product can increase collagen production. AHAs in skin-care products are effective in concentrations ranging from 5% to 15%; salicylic acid is effective in 1% to 2% concentrations.

I recommend Nuriss Blemish Defense, which is a fantastic and effective gentle pore unblocking solution.

I hope this helps. Good Luck and Get Scrubbing!