Do you Suffer with Dry eyes ?

Suffering from dry eyes ? Read on …

Our eyes produce tears as a form of protection, lubrication and also to help us to see correctly

In some people the tear production mechanism fails and eyes can become dry, red, irritated and inflamed.
This is Dry Eye Syndrome
What causes it ?

Environment ;
Anything from having a computer screen that’s too bright, staring at a screen for too long, air conditioning in the office can give you these symptoms.
If you wear contact Lens for too long this could be a trigger also.

Allergy : Allergic conjunctivitis

Hormones : post menopausal women are more likely to have this due to falling oestrogen levels ( a female sex hormone )

Autoimmune conditions:
A range of conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis where the bodies immune system attacks itself can cause this condition

What Will help to treat it ?

As I mentioned above, adjusting your conditions at work could be enough to cure this .
If you are a contact lens wearer try changing your lens and try to wear them less often
Dry Eye Syndrome could be an caused by an allergy so u recommend taking antihistamine tablets and special eye drops if this is the cause.
Replacing your missing tears with artificial tears in the form of eye drops, ointment or gel could be helpful
Remember that red eyes could be sign of a bacterial infection or viral infection. A red eye that isn’t clearing should be checked by your Dr. You may need –/7antibiotic eye drops. Warning signs of red eyes are eye pain, loss of vision sensitivity to lighters, new onset things floating in line of vision and severe headache could be a warning sign of more severe eye disease in which case you should see doctor straight away. Contact lens wearers are more prone to allergy and infection as they can sometimes damage the eye.

Can Diet help?

Experts suggest that you eat foods with vitamins A, C and E which you find in colourful and fruit and vegetables. We also recommend eating oily fish as this lubricates the eyes. Lupine is an antioxidant which helps dry eyes and can be found in white vegetables such as onions, mushrooms and garlic.