Happy Friday ! Dr. Anita’s Top Ten Skin Care Ingredients


These days, every other page of my favourite girly magazines seem to be plastered with enticing ads, promoting the latest super duper REVOLUTIONARY skincare product, with claims that they will make us look younger, more radiant and beautiful.

But wait, in the following weeks addition they seem to make the same claims, about a completely different branded product.

Confused? Me too, well at least I used to be. That is until I moved my passion for skincare a step further and became a skin expert.


At my clinic, Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Centre in London, I take time to talk through my clients’ skincare regimens and review the products that they are using. It is essential to get back to basics and get your daily skin care right, in order to have nourished and healthy skin. So many people plaster their faces with multiple products, without really knowing what they contain or how they work. This can do more harm than good.


I want to share my knowledge with you… so  every Friday for the next ten weeks, I will be sharing with you my top tips on the best ingredients you should be looking for in your anti-ageing skincare, regardless of the brand.

Today’s gem are those Perfecting Peptides.

I always advise my patients, family and friends to look for peptides when choosing any serum or moisturiser.

So what exactly are peptides?

They are a precursor or building block for collagen and we all know that good collagen is the key to good skin.
As we age we lose our peptides from our skin, thats why when you pinch the skin on a teenager it is nice and taut but when we pinch the skin on an older man or woman it feels loose. Therefore, it makes sense to out back into our skin, what we are losing as we age.


  • peptides are delivered into the skin, reversing the effects of ageing
  • reverse sun damage, pollution damage
  • reverse ageing
  • heal and repair skin

Nuriss Advanced Skincare is packed full of great ingredients, to feed your skin with nourishing skin actives. The secret to healthy and beautiful skin.

For more information check our website www.nuriss.co.uk