A Cure for Poor Sleep? The Zombie Nation

I have recently come across this interesting device

It is called the Re-Timer and has been described in the press as the new gadget to prevent sleepless nights, jet lag and SAD

I asked Alan Titchmarsh to test it out for me on one of the recent shows.

Over one third of the UK now suffers from sleep problems. Last year, 15.3 million NHS prescriptions were made for sleep medication, and on in ten Brits now regularly takes some form of sleeping tablet. However, we  may have found a new device, all the way  from Australia, which could help to change all that.

Re-Timer is a brand new scientifically proven health gadget – a pair of glasses – developed by researchers and sleep psychologists at Flinders University, Australia. Unlike traditional light boxes, which use blue light, Re-Timer uses a unique green LED light to help regulate sleep patterns, improve the quality of sleep and reduce tiredness. Many studies have shown that LED light has been shown to influence melatonin rhythms.

A trial of 82 participants in June 2013 found that when wearing re-Timer for 50 minutes a day for seven days:


  • 78% achieved a change towards their preferred sleep time
  • On average they were able to go to sleep 2.6 hours earlier
  • Participants also increased sleep duration by one hour


Re-Timer is predominantly designed to improve sleep by realigning your body clock to optimize sleep, however it can also be utilised for:


  • Shift workers: Adjust sleeping patterns and manage fatigue
  • SAD sufferers: Increase energy during long winter months
  • International travellers: Reduce jet lag by retiming your sleep-wake rhythm in small steps before you travel


Directions for use

 The Re-Timer sleep glasses should be worn for 30-50 minutes a day gives your body the bright light you need to maintain a healthy sleep-wake rhythm. Using Re-Timer in the morning shortly after waking will help you fall asleep earlier. Typically, you will notice a change in your sleep-wake rhythm within four days.


Sleep-wake rhythms are naturally timed by sunlight, but working indoors and long winter months block much of the sun’s light. As a result the sleep-wake rhythm can become disturbed making it difficult to fall asleep and causing tiredness the next day. Eyes contain cells, which detect bright light; and the body responds by signaling your brain to be awake and alert. This process also helps the body to understand when it’s time to sleep. Re-Timer sleep glasses help maintain a consistent sleep-wake rhythm to maximise sleep quality.

Re-Timer costs £199 including free delivery. Available from www.re-timer.com/uk

 Re-Timer comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

if you are not happy with the product

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