Five Top Tips To Prevent Spots

Five Top Tips to Prevent Spots

1: wash your skin daily with non-foaming cleaners. These tend to strip the skin of its important oils, making its barriers weak and more prone to outbreaks. Foaming cleansers also dry the skin out.

2: use a light moisturiser and one which is labelled ‘ non comedogenic’ which means it is non pore-clogging. It is a myth that spot sufferers make their skin worse with moisturisers. In fact the opposite is true. Dry and dehydrated skin is more prone to outbreaks and all sorts if skin problems.

3: use a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) exfoliator such as Salicylic acid 1-2 times per week. These work to slough off dead skin cells on the top skin layers , allowing for fresh healthy cells to reach the surface. BHAs also work deep within the pores helping to rid them of the spot provoking plugs of sebum oils and keratin.

4: use Benzylperoxide on spot-prone areas. This helps to reduce the bacteria in the skin, P. Acnes , which is known to trigger spots and is also an anti-inflammatory. Lower doses are available over-the-counter without prescription and are just as effective and less irritant than the higher prescription doses.

5: avoid long wear foundations and compact powders. Both are pore blockers and are likely to trigger an outbreak. Use light consistency products labelled ‘non- comedogenic’. Mineral make-up is great for spot prone skin, as the particles are fine and won’t clog pores

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